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Ubuntu Touch Intermatrix U7 tablet

Update: the Intermatrix folks have changed their mind and are not shipping Ubuntu Touch anymore, at least for now!

It looks like the first Ubuntu Touch tablet will ship in October 2013 (estimated). The news doesn't come from Canonical so I'm not sure how legit this is, but from a website that advertises "Intermatrix U7 and U10 Ubuntu Tablets" as the world's first Ubuntu tablets.

Enthusiasts can already pre-oder the Intermatrix U7 (with U10 probably to follow soon), for which the price has currently been set to AU$269 (around US$275 or €210), including shipping costs, and it appears to be available world-wide (any country DHL can ship to). The price may change in the future, but those who pre-order it now won't have to pay more if the price will increase and will get a refund if the final price will be lower. There's also a 10% discount for the first 50 customers, limited to 1 discount per unity/customer.

Intermatrix U7 Ubuntu Touch tablet Specifications

The Intermatrix U7 Ubuntu tablet will use Ubuntu Touch by default and should weight about 110 grams. Here are the full hardware specs:
  • CPU: 1.5GHz Quad-Core Cortex A9;
  • GPU: Quad Core Vivante GC1000+;
  • RAM: 1 GB;
  • Flash storage: 16 GB;
  • Expansion slot: microSD Card Slot;
  • Display size: 7-inch IPS Capacitive Touchscreen @ 1280x800 (with a pixel density of ~275 PPI);
  • Camera: primary 2 MP, secondary 0.3 MP;
  • Connectivity: microUSB 2.0, HDMI 1.4, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n and 3.5 mm Audio Jack.

Update: I've contacted Intermatrix, requesting some extra info about the tablet and Peter Dey from intermatrix.com.au has replied, confirming that Intermatrix U7 and U10 Ubuntu tablets are not affiliated or associated with Canonical:

You're correct, this is not a Canonical device; nor are we affiliated or associated with Canonical. We're an independent company developing a tablet which will ship with Canonical's software (which is GPL licensed).

We've got the device currently under development, most of the work at the moment is getting the peripherals working under Ubuntu Touch. Obviously, we're highly dependent on when Canonical releases the final version of Ubuntu Touch, plus some time for us to test it before we start shipping.

Peter has also said a video should be available on YouTube shortly, which he hopes will prove this is legit.

Pre-order the Intermatrix U7 Ubuntu Touch tablet

Update: the Intermatrix folks have changed their mind and are not shipping Ubuntu Touch anymore, at least for now!