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Seafile is an open source cloud sync and collaboration tool, similar to Dropbox, OwnCloud or Sparkleshare that you can install on your own server or you can sign up for an account and get 5 GB of free space. We've talked about it a while back so for more information about Seafile, see our previous post.


Both the Seafile server and client have been updated recently, getting new features and bug fixes. Seafile Server 1.5 comes with two major new features: command line client support and LDAP, as well as some other features and improvements, such as:
  • audio / video playback support;
  • improved public info page;
  • support selection of file encoding when viewing online;
  • edit library title / description;
  • bug fixes for using httpserver under https.

Here is the new audio / video playback feature in action:

Seafile web interface: Video playback

Seafile web interface: Audio playback

Also, there is now a separate Seafile server for Raspberry Pi, however, it hasn't been updated to the latest 1.5 version yet.

The Seafile client was also updated, and there's now a command line client so you can use it on a headless server. Other improvements include displaying detailed syncing message and bug fixes.

The next Seafile release should come with a redesigned collaboration feature, bringing Seafile a lot more closer to its team collaboration platform goal.

For how to use the new Seafile command line client on Debian / Ubuntu, see THIS page.

Download Seafile

The Seafile server for Linux runs on Debian, Ubuntu (11.10, 12.04), Centos 5.8, 6.0+ and Raspberry Pi and is very easy to set up thanks to a script that does everything for you. For the server installation instructions, see the Seafile wiki.

For upgrading the Seafile server, see the instructions from HERE. I've tested the upgrade instructions and everything worked as expected, even though the upgrade script has displayed a message saying that my Seafile server has been upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4, when in fact it was upgraded to 1.5.

Download Seafile server / clients (clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile: Android and iOS).