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ubuntu phablet

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview daily builds (images) are now available for developers and enthusiasts.

The Ubuntu Touch (also known as "phablet") daily builds aren't tested so they may contain new features and bug fixes but also new bugs and regressions:

Hey guys, just wanted to mentioned that daily builds are in place. ogra made it so our build servers are checked every hour and if updates are found, it will copy them over to cdimage.

What this means? Well you can go and break or check out new things as they come.

- Canonical Quality Engineer Sergio Schvezov @ Ubuntu Phone mailing list

If you've installed the latest phablet-tools package (0.6) from the Phablet Tools PPA, you can run the following command to get the latest Ubuntu Touch for your device (presuming you've already installed Ubuntu Touch):
phablet-flash -l

The packages used to built the images are also available in a PPA - check it out.

Download the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview daily images from HERE.

For more information, see Sergio Schvezov's post about this.

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