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Just like more than a month ago, when Ubuntu Phone OS was announced, a countdown is displayed on the Ubuntu.com homepage, and this time it says: "Tick, tock, tablet time!".

So what could this be? An Ubuntu tablet is about to be released? Or more likely, an optimized Ubuntu Phone OS for tablets?

Update: this might be a coincidence (?), but if it's not, it's big (via +Nate Carpenter)! Below is a screenshot of ubuntu.com and htc.com, side by side:

The Ubuntu and HTC announcements are not only in the same day, but also at the same time (well, not synced to the second, but pretty close).

Update 2: Ubuntu and HTC sharing the mysterious announcement date and time might just be a coincidence because if you go here and select to download the full image, you'll notice the filename is Tease_Cover_Global_M7... And M7 is supposed to be a 4.7 inch phone, not a tablet.

The announcement will go live tomorrow at around 4 P.M. GMT / 8 A.M. PST. We'll let you know when more info is available.