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0 AD alpha 12

0 A.D, one of the best free, open source real-time strategy (RTS) games, has reached the alpha 12.

For those not familiar with 0 A.D., this is a historical war and economy game that works on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. It features great graphics and sound and it has both single-player and multi-player functionality (multi-player uses peer-to-peer networking, without a central server and there's no matchmaking service yet).

0 A.D. alpha 12 "Loucetios" has been released with interesting new features such as diplomacy, packing siege engines, heroes, new match setup options, improved graphics and user interface and more.

Changes in 0 A.D. alpha 12 "Loucetios":
  • Diplomacy: you can determine if other human players are your allies, enemies or neutral and change this any time you want
  • Heroes are back, each player can have only 1 living hero
  • New match setup options: you can select the population cap and amount of resources used when starting a new game
  • Five new random maps have been added
  • Formation order queueing: you can give units several tasks to carry out in order
  • Packing siege engines: certain siege engines need to be in a “packed” state to be moved from place to place, and in a stationary "unpacked" state to be able to fire. Moving a siege engine between these states is called "packing" and "unpacking"
  • Unit training hotkeys
  • Improved water rendering
  • Post-processing manager: enable features such as distance fog, bloom and more
  • New song: "Calm Before the Storm"
  • More!

0 Ad alpha 12 distance fog
Distance fog

As usual, the 0 A.D. developers have released a video, demoing the new features available in the latest 0 A.D. alpha:

(direct video link)

And speaking of 0 A.D., the game has reached the second round in the Indie of the Year 2012 awards - if you like 0 A.D. vote for it HERE (under Upcoming games of 2012 > Real Time Strategy).

The voting continues until the end of the world (December 21st) :)

Install 0 A.D. game in Ubuntu

0 A.D. alpha 12

Ubuntu users can use the official 0 A.D PPA to install the latest 0 A.D. alpha - copy and paste the following commands in a terminal to install it:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install 0ad

Download 0 A.D. for Linux, Windows or Mac OSX.