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Insync, an unofficial Google Drive client for Linux, has reached beta 9, fixing the MS Office formats (files now downloaded as ODF) and glibc errors for Debian users, so the deb files aren't just for Ubuntu anymore.

Insync for Linux is free while in beta, but will probably become a paid service when it becomes stable. Hopefully, Google will release an official Google Drive client by then.

Here's what's new in the latest Insync for Linux beta 9:
  • fixed symlinks not live syncing (before you had to restart Insync for changes to be detected)
  • Nautilus context menu will not show outside of the Insync folder
  • Applets now have a pause/resume button to start/stop Insync from downloading and uploading
  • Gdocs are now downloaded in Open Document Format
  • Built with Debian, fixes GLIBC error for Debian users

Download Insync for Linux beta 9 - applets available for Unity (should work with other DEs), GNOME Shell, Cinnamon and KDE (deb and rpm).

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