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raring ringtail

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the codename for the next Ubuntu release (13.04): Raring Ringtail.

We’ll make something... wonderful, and call it the Raring Ringtail. See you there soon.

So Ubuntu 13.04 will be codenamed "Raring Ringtail", but... what's a "ringtail"? According to wikipedia, there are quite a few animals that fit the 'description', including a raccoon, a lemur, mongoose and there are even some birds and a fish that may be referred to as "ringtail". So it looks like the Ubuntu 13.04 mascot will remain a mystery for now.

Update: Mark has cleared this up in a comment: it's the raccoon, also known as the "ringtail cat".

In the announcement, Mark also mentions that by the time of the next LTS (14.04), the Ubuntu phone, tablet and TV should all be lined up and until then, some things will need special attention, "like battery life, number of running processes, memory footprint".

Up Next: Ubuntu 13.10 S S. Will it be codenamed Sensual Sasquatch? Or maybe Super Salamander? Sexy Swordfish? We'll find out in another 6 months!

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