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Lubuntu, an official Ubuntu flavour starting with version 11.10 which uses LXDE, a lightweight desktop environment by default, has reached version 12.10.

I'm posting this article a bit late, since Lubuntu 12.10 was released 5 days ago, but there are too many Ubuntu flavours to cover in just one day.

Lubuntu 12.10 brings updated artwork, a new session manager, updated file manager which includes an external thumbnailer, along with updated default applications and other changes.

To see the latest Lubuntu 12.10 in action, watch the video below:

(direct video link)

Default applications

Lubuntu 12.10 ships with applications such as Pcmanfm as the default file manager, Synaptic Package Manager, Lubuntu Software Center, Chromium as the default browser, Pidgin, Transmission, mtPaint for simple image editing, Abiword, Gnumeric, GNOME Mplayer, Xfburn, Audacious and others.

Lubuntu Software Center

As you can see, most if not all are lightweight tools, and the result is that Lubuntu requires very low system resources - the Lubuntu wiki mentions that Lubuntu should run even with 128 MB of RAM, though for decent usage, 256MB or RAM or more are required.

In Lubuntu 12.10, a new default application has been added: Catfish, which can be used to search the file system:

lubuntu 12.10 catfish

Another change is the addition of the Xfce notification daemon (xfce4-notifyd), which has replaced the old notification daemon:

lubuntu 12.10 notifications

Pcmanfm, the default file manager, has been updated, the new version bringing external thumbnailer support and lots of bug fixes:

lubuntu 12.10 pcmanfm

It's also worth mentioning that, unlike the other Ubuntu flavors, Lubuntu 12.10 continues to offer alternate ISO files for download.


Lubuntu 12.10 comes with an updated visual identity, which includes:

- a new wallpaper:

lubuntu 12.10 wallpaper

- a new icon theme (it's not complete yet, and for now it "inherits" icons from the elementary icon theme) called Box:

You can see some of the new icons in most of the pictures in this post.

Download Lubuntu 12.10

Download Lubuntu 12.10 from HERE and make sure to also read the official release notes.