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uTorrent, the popular bittorrent client available for Windows (and Linux server), is now available for Android, as a beta release.

uTorrent for Android is currently free and can download files directly on the device, supports RSS feeds and online torrent search, though the search results aren't displayed in uTorrent but in a web browser.

Even though this is a native Android application, it doesn't make use of the Android / Holo style so it doesn't look too good. But it did work well in my short test.

From the uTorrent for Android UI you can manually add torrents, view the files included in a torrent, start/pause torrents and view completed / downloaded torrents. In its preferences, you can set upload / download limits, the incoming TCP port and if uTorrent should start on device boot.

Unfortunately, iOS users won't get a native uTorrent app anytime soon. "Right now we’re focusing on growing our Android clients" said BitTorrent Inc.

Download uTorrent for Android from Google Play:

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