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uget download manager 1.10

uGet is a multi-platform GTK3 download manager that supports resuming downloads, comes with categories support, can download torrent and metalink files through aria2, a powerful command line download tool that's integrated into uGet.

Other uGet features include: scheduler, clipboard monitoring, can be integrated into Firefox through Flashgot plugin, can import downloads from HTML files, supports batch downloads and more. 

The application also integrates nicely with the Ubuntu desktop by making use of an AppIndicator and NotifyOSD notifications.

uGet 1.10 has been released recently, getting some minor but useful features/changes:
  •  added global speed limits for aria2
  • new options in Download dialog: user agent and retrieve timestamp
  • added command line settings for flashgot
  • aria2 plug-in use argument "continue=true"
  • aria2 plug-in can use user specified filename
  • curl plug-in disable peer SSL certificate verification
  • curl plug-in can keep user specified filename
  • bug fixes, including some changes to the aria2 plugin settings to get it working again
Also, uGet now depends on GTK 3.4+ and GLib 2.32+ so it won't be available for Linux distributions that ship with GTK 3.2 like Ubuntu 11.10.

Install uGet 1.10 in Ubuntu 12.04

The latest uGet 1.10 is currently only available for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin and it can be installed using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plushuang-tw/uget-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install uget aria2

For source files, .rpm and Windows binaries, see the uGet download page.

uGet usage notes

1. If you're upgrading uGet from an older version, to get the aria2 plugin to work in uGet select Edit > Settings and on the "Plug-in" tab, under "Arguments", replace "--enable-xml-rpc" with "--enable-rpc=true -D --check-certificate=false" (without the quotes).

2. If aria2 is not working with uGet, run "aria2c --enable-rpc=true" in a terminal firstly or "aria2c --enable-rpc=true --disable-ipv6=true".

3. Ubuntu users who are using GNOME Shell and don't want an AppIndicator for uGet can run the following command to disable the AppIndicator:

sed -i "s/AppIndicator value='1'/AppIndicator value='0'/g" ~/.config/uGet/Setting.xml