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Slidewall is a wallpaper changer that comes with some interesting features: besides allowing you to use all images in a folder as a wallpaper slideshow, the application supports live wallpapers: live earth wallpaper, wallpaper clocks and more.

According to its PPA description, the application was especially created for Unity, but it should work with GNOME Classic / GNOME Shell too. It's also worth mentioning that Slidewall always starts minimized which is a bit confusing and might make you think it doesn't start - but it does, just look for its icon in the launcher.

Supported live wallpapers:

Live earth wallpaper: using this, Sidewall downloads the sunlight map from www.opentopia.com every 20 minutes and sets it as your wallpaper. Screenshot:

earth wallpaper

Wallpaper Clocks: use various wallpapers with a real-time working clock blended into the wallpaper. By default, Slidewall comes with just a few wallpaper clocks but you can download more from HERE. Once you download a wallpaper clock (don't extract the downloaded archive), open Slidewall and on the Slidewall Live Wallpapers tab, click Add and select the downloaded wallpaper clocks.

Previously, wallpaper clocks were supported on GNOME through a screenlet, but the screenlet is buggy and it displays a black background when its updated, for some users.

Here are a few wallpaper clocks screenshots:

wallpaper clocks

wallpaper clocks

wallpaper clocks

wallpaper clocks

Important: the wallpaper clocks won't show up in Slidewall until you restart the application!

Wallbase: Slidewall can automatically download wallpapers from Wallbase.cc - either the latest wallpapers or a random wallpaper - and change your wallpaper every 15 minutes.

Install Slidewall in Ubuntu

Slidewall is available in a PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint users. To add the PPA and install Slidewall in Ubuntu 16.04, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fioan89/slidewall
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install slidewall

There are no packages for other Ubuntu versions (well, there are, but only for really old versions), but you can download the deb from HERE, and it should work in pretty much any Ubuntu version, including 14.04, 15.10, etc. (use the Ubuntu 16.04 deb).

Arch Linux users can install Slidewall via AUR.

For other Linux distributions, get Slidewall via Launchpad.