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airtime 2.1 screenshot

Airtime, an award-winning, open source radio management software, has reached version 2.1, getting real-time show editing and live stream rebroadcasting.

Airtime 2.1 allows connecting remotely via tools such as Mixxx or Virtual DJ and the application will rebroadcast the stream either at a time you set or in the middle of the broadcast, using a nice transition.

The new version also allows editing the shows in real-time, while you're on air: you can add/remove/rearrange tracks within a show, edit the length of a show that's currently playing and more.

airtime 2.1 screenshot

Other changes in the latest Airtime include: the ability to seek and preview any part of a track, new button for switching between scheduled andd rebroadcast modes, improved media library, reduced CPU utilization for OGG streams and more.

You can see the new features in action in the video below:

(direct video link)

For more information about Airtime, check out its official website and our previous post: Radio Software Airtime 2.0 Released With Easier Icecast And SHOUTcast Configuration.

Download / Install Airtime

You can try Airtime 2.0 online, by going to http://airtime-demo.sourcefabric.org/

Setting up Airtime in Ubuntu is very easy: download THIS deb - it will add the Airtime repository -, and install it, then install Airtime using the commands below (after installation, make sure you change the password!):
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install airtime
Once installed, access Airtime by opening http://localhost in your web browser.

If the above instructions are not easy enough, you'll find step-by-step Ubuntu installation instructions HERE.

Download Airtime (officially supports Ubuntu and Debian, but works on other Linux distributions too)