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The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS-Q) has started a couple of days ago and in the "GNOME Plans Review" review session which took place yesterday, it was discussed which GNOME version will be used by Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal, if Clutter is to be included by default and more.

According to the GNOME Plans Review UDS-Q session, Ubuntu 12.10 will use GTK/GNOME 3.6 and unlike the previous cycle, there will be no "hold backs" so Clutter (which already works with llvmpipe) will make it on the CD, which means Totem will  be upgraded to the latest version (Ubuntu 12.04 used Totem 3.0.1 by default instead of 3.4.0). 

This also means that GNOME Sushi might be included by default since it's no longer blocked by Clutter. Another GNOME application which might be included by default in Ubuntu 12.10 is GNOME Contacts.

In the same session, it was also noted that "unity-2d will go away anyway, so -3d/compiz already require 3D" without any further details. This seems a bit weird since Unity 2D is used by Ubuntu TV for instance and there was a lot of work in the Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin development cycle to get Unity 2D closer in look and feel with Unity 3D (with Compiz). We'll probably find out more about this soon.

You can check out the GNOME Plans Review session notes, HERE.