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ownCloud, the complete, open source cloud file sync tool (includes music streaming, file management which supports sharing, calendar, contacts and more) is now available for Android.

This is the first public ownCloud Android app release and it doesn't have to many features yet, but it does have the basics: browse, upload, download and delete files. The application also supports previews for videos and photos but only for those on your device (which you want to upload) and not for those available on the ownCloud server.

Further more, for now the application doesn't support non-standard ports so if you've configured your ownCloud setup to use such a port, you won't be able to use the Android app for now.

Here are a few ownCloud for Android screenshots:

ownCloud for Android isn't yet available on Google Play, but it should be posted in about 4-6 weeks and around the same time, the iOS app should also be available in the AppStore (for now there's no iOS app available for download).

Download ownCloud for Android (.apk)

More about ownCloud: