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ubuntu 12.04

Just like in the last few releases, Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin won't use a completely new wallpaper by default but only a slightly modified version of the previous background.

[...] as we move towards becoming more of a 'household' platform and with the great changes coming with Unity (launcher/dash) general users will get reassurance from the familiarity of the wallpaper and will also identify with it as part of our personality in new screenshots.

This time I have re-balanced rather than just adding additional light streams and have introduced more warmth - it's the LTS after all.

There are two versions available of the new Ubuntu 12.04 default wallpaper: with noise and without noise (the one with noise is most likely to be used in Ubuntu 12.04 as default):

ubuntu 12.04 default wallpaper
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ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin default background
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For reference, here's how some of the previous wallpapers look like (since the new Ubuntu branding was introduced):

ubuntu 11.10 wallpaper
Ubuntu 11.10 default wallpaper

ubuntu 11.04 default wallpaper
Ubuntu 11.04 default wallpaper

ubuntu 10.04 default wallpaper
Ubuntu 10.04 default wallpaper

The Ubuntu 12.04 default wallpaper hasn't landed yet in the Precise repositories yet, but it should be available soon along with the new community wallpapers (which by the way, you can download from HERE - see comment #28 for a high resolution wallpapers download link).