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Linux Mint Debian Update Pack 4 is finally considered stable and is now available for all LMDE users. The update replaces GNOME 2 with GNOME Shell (although it's possible to "freeze" LMDE to GNOME 2) and it also brings Cinnamon and Mate desktop, so LMDE users can choose from three GNOME-based "shells".

With this update, the Kernel is also updated to version 3.2, Firefox and Thunerbird to the latest stable version (11) and more.

LMDE Mate desktop
MATE Desktop

An updated Linux Mint Debian ISO should be available in the coming days and it will use MATE 1.2 (with working Compiz) as the default desktop, while Cinnamon will be available as a secondary desktop.

Until then, you can download the existing LMDE iso and upgrade to the latest LMDE Update Pack 4 following the instructions on the Linux Mint blog. Once you're running the latest updates, you can install Cinnamon or Mate using the following commands:

- for Cinnamon:
sudo apt-get install cinnamon
- for Mate:
sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment