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jdownloader 2

JDownloader is a free, open source download manager which makes it easy to download files from one-click hosting sites (supports more than 110 services) including using premium accounts, support for downloading from YouTube, Vimeo and other such websites, it allows parallel downloads, automatic CAPTCHAs, automatic archive extraction, automatically acquire a new IP (if your router is supported) and more.

JDownloader 2 beta is available for download. The new version brings a reworked user interface, simplified settings, new options for some of the available plugins and more. The JDownloader Google+ page also says there are "many new features and improvements under the hood" but unfortunately, there's no official changelog for the latest JDownloader 2.

Since this is a beta release, not everything works yet: for instance, JDownloader Unity integration doesn't work with this version for now!

jdownloader 2 ubuntu
JDownloader 2 pre beta settings

Install JDownloader 2 beta in Ubuntu

1. JDownloader is a Java application so before proceeding with its installation,  make sure Java is installed on your system. Either install OpenJDK via Ubuntu Software Center or use our Oracle Java Ubuntu PPA to install the latest Oracle Java 8.

2. To download JDownloader 2 in your home folder and run its installer, use the following commands:
cd && wget http://installer.jdownloader.org/JD2SilentSetup_x$(uname -m | tail -c 3).sh
chmod +x JD2SilentSetup*.sh

3. Now simply follow the setup instructions to install JDownloader 2:

JDownloader 2 should now be installed on your system - search for it in Dash/menu to launch it.

via JDownloader @ Google+