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Sublime Text 2

Update: the Sublime Text 2 beta builds are now considered stable builds!

A quick update for those of you who are using the WebUpd8 Sublime Text 2 PPA: until now, the PPA had Sublime Text 2 development builds only but starting today, you can install either Sublime Text 2 beta or the latest Sublime Text 2 development build, from the same PPA. The recommended package is Sublime Text 2 beta, because it's more stable.

With this change, there are also new package names: for the development builds: sublime-text-2-dev and for the beta: sublime-text-2-beta. However, if you want to continue using the development builds, there's no need to install any new package: the "sublime-text-2" package is now a metapackage that automatically installs sublime-text-2-dev (I've done this so those who are using the PPA and aren't reading this, still get Sublime Text 2 updates).

Update: the Sublime Text 2 beta builds are now considered stable builds!

Add the Sublime Text 2 PPA using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2
sudo apt-get update

And then, to install Sublime Text 2 stable, use this command:
sudo apt-get install sublime-text

Or, to install Sublime Text 2 development build:
sudo apt-get install sublime-text-dev

Note: you can't install both the development and beta builds in the same time. Installing one of them will remove the other one.

In other news, I've added Unity quicklists (well, one quicklist) and Unity-launcher drag and drop support to the Sublime Text 2 desktop file a couple of days ago.

Thanks to Rémi Rérolle for the suggestion.