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lm is a command line tool that you can use to list the IMDB information for all the movies in a directory on your computer as well as to download subtitles from OpenSubtitles.

lm features:
  • display IMDB information
  • filter movies by genre, director, actor, size
  • generate a html page with cover and trailer links
  • download subtitles for all your movies for any language supported by OpenSubtitles

Install "lm"

lm requires "python-imdbpy" and optionally "BeautifulSoup" to speed up HTML parsing. Install them in Ubuntu using the following command:
sudo apt-get install python-imdbpy python-beautifulsoup

Then, download lm from HERE, extract it in your home directory and use the following commands to install it (you can also run it from its directory):
sudo cp ~/RedRise-lm-7c7dbc7/lm.py /usr/local/bin/lm
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/lm

Using "lm"

To get a basic list of your movies, simply type "lm" in your movies folder, or use:
lm /path/to/your/movies

The first time you run lm, it takes a while to get information via IMDB for all your movies. This only happens the first time (and when you add more movies, obviosuly).

To get more info about your movies, like the year, genre, rating and file size, use the "-l" parameter, like this:
lm -l /path/to/your/movies

For a complete description (besides the info included for "-l", this also displays the director, cast and movies summary), use the following command:
lm -L /path/to/your/movies
Since the above command displays a lot of information, it's best to use it with only a movie.

To download subtitles (English) for all your movies, use:
lm --download eng /path/to/your/movies
For another language, replace "eng" with the desired subtitle language (Use ISO639-1 codes, like eng/fre/dut/ger).

You can also use lm to open the IMDB page for a movie / all your movies (it's not recommended to use this if you have many movies). To do this, use:
lm -s /path/to/your/movies

lm can also generate a nice web page with a list of all your movies that includes movie covers and links to their IMDB pages and trailers:
lm -S /path/to/your/movies

If you run "lm" in your movies folder, there's no need to enter any path (so you can simply run "lm -S", etc.).

For more info on using "lm", type:
lm --help

Or check out its GitHub page.