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A while back, it was announced that Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin will continue to have GNOME Shell 3.2 available in the official repositories and not 3.4 (not yet released).

However, thanks to Jeremy Bicha and Rico Tzschichholz, it looks like GNOME Shell 3.4 will be available in the Ubuntu Precise repositories after all: the bug that requests the GNOME Shell 3.4 inclusion in the Precise repositories (and the Clutter/cogl update to version 1.9 bug which had blocked GS 3.4) has been conditionally approved:

If you have tested all reverse depends build with the new cogl or have a fix for those that need it, and you commit to seeing the transition through (including working with other developers for those packages which you do not have upload rights for) then I think this is something we should do to get the new gnome-shell in. Conditionally approved.

Update: a new issue, which has been discovered a few minutes ago, is blocking the GNOME Shell 3.4 inclusion in the Precise repositories again:

The new cogl fails to build on ARM so until we figure out how to fix that, I've stopped the transition.

- Jeremy Bicha

Hopefully this bug can/will be fixed and GNOME Shell 3.3.90 (soon to be 3.4) is now available in the official repositories.

Update 2: the bug has been fixed!

Thanks to Daniel Miranda for the tip!