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unity dash coverflow

According to a branch that was recently proposed for inclusion in Unity, it looks like Dash will be getting support for scrolling using a nice cover flow effect.

Cover Flow is an animated, three dimensional graphical user interface for visually flipping through documents, album artwork, etc.

The current implementation still needs some work - for instance you can't control the cover flow using keyboard shortcuts for now -, and is not yet available in the official Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin repositories, but it's available in the Unity Staging PPA (for Ubuntu 12.04).

Cover Flow isn't enabled by default for now, but it can be toggled on/off using a new icon displayed on the right of each row (check out the video below to understand what I mean).

Here's a video I've just recorded in which you can see the new Unity Dash CoverFlow in action:

(Direct link to video)

Cover Flow for Dash (like the whole Unity) is work in progress so it may change later on!

News thanks to chimerarevo.com