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Unity 5.2 has just been uploaded to the Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin repositories, bringing multi monitor support, a new SUPER+TAB Launcher switcher, per workspace alt-tab switcher, a new shortcut hints overlay, "push to reveal" launcher behavior, a new home dash and the window auto-maximize functionality has been disabled on monitors with a resolution above 1024x600.

The new version was already available for testing in the Unity PPA and we've already covered some of these new features a while back (for a keyboard shortcuts hints overlay and SUPER+TAB Launcher switcher video, see THIS post).

The most important change in the latest Unity 5.2 is multi monitor support - a launcher with screen edge detection is now displayed on every monitor, so you don't have to travel to another display to launch or switch applications:

Unity 5.2 multi monitor

Unfortunately I only have one monitor so I couldn't test this new feature.

In Unity 5.2, the launcher uses a new "push to reveal" mode to avoid revealing the Launcher by accident. The new reveal mode can be further tweaked using CompizConfig Settings Manager:

Dash has a new home lens which displays recent files and applications, replacing giant shortcuts to files, applications and so on, which I'm sure many never actually used:

Dash home lens unity 5.2

And here's the shortcut hints overlay again (it's displayed when pressing and holding the SUPER key), in case you've missed our previous post:

And finally, there's a new default behavior for the ALT + TAB switcher which now displays applications on the current workspace. This is configurable and you can use a multi-workspace ALT+TAB switcher by disabling the "Bias alt-gab to prefer windows on the current viewport" checkbox:

Besides the improvements above, there's also a huge list of bug fixes - you can read the complete changelog for Unity 5.2 here.

via Didrocks; credits for the first screenshot: slo-tech.com