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Ubuntu for Android

Some more information regarding Ubuntu for Android was revealed today in an interview with one of the Canonical engineers by Engadget.

For instance, the interview divulged the prototype we saw in the previous Ubuntu for Android video: TI OMAP 4430-powered Motorola Atrix 2, without any modifications. Even though the device seemed to run everything smoothly, it had some issues with multi-tasking but better performance will come since a lot of new devices with better hardware should be released this year.

Canonical will be attending the Mobile World Congress next week where they will try to convince manufactures to use their new product as soon as this year. That's because even though most mobile devices that will be launched this year are probably already in production, they won't need any modifications to run Ubuntu for Android, so we'll hopefully have Ubuntu for Android sometime soon.

In the interview, it was also revealed that Ubuntu for Android will be offered pre-installed by manufacturers and won't be available to download for regular users for now.

You can watch the video below:

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