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cinnamon 1.3 desktop

Cinnamon 1.3 has been released today, bringing even more customization options for its users.

Cinnamon Settings has a new look and it now includes all the GNOME Tweak Tool features and more: change GTK theme, cursor and icons, desktop icons, font settings, window settings (including window button order), change the menu text and icon and so on:

Also, starting with Cinnamon 1.3, all the panel components are applets so you can easily remove a feature or replace it with a 3rd party applet if you don't like it:

Another applets change brings drag and drop support, meaning you can place the applets anywhere you want on the panel. In my test, the workspace switcher, window list and the launcher weren't draggable though, but I could reorder the other applets just fine.

Other changes:
  • Menu delay option, better menu icon sizes
  • improved default theme
  • workspace navigation is now possible in scale mode

To install Cinnamon in your Linux distribution, check out THIS page.

Ubuntu users can install Cinnamon using a PPA. However, at the time I'm writing this, the PPA hasn't been updated with the latest Cinnamon 1.3 - if you can't wait, you can manually download the .debs: Muffin (required dependency) and Cinnamon.

For more themes, applets and extensions, visit the Cinnamon website.