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HUD KDE appmenu runner screenshot

A while back, Alex Fiestas has implemented something very similar to HUD, Unity's new smart menu, for KDE. The initial implementation only worked for KDE applications and only if the menu was shown in the application window. After seeing HUD in action, he was motivated to continue his project, so he implemented this into KRunner.

The new AppMenu Runner implementation uses the same technology as HUD, so it works with GTK and Qt applications too and Alejandro hopes it will be available in KDE Plasma Workspace 4.9 "if the Plasma teams like it".

Here's a video recorded by Alex, in which he talks about the new AppMenu Runner as well as the initial implementation:

If you want to test AppMenu Runner, get the source via Git. To use it, you'll need dbusmenu-qt, appmenu-qt as well as GTK+ with appmenu patch (already available in Ubuntu). For Ubuntu installation instructions, click HERE.

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