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Ubuntu TV, a TV-optimized Ubuntu version, was demoed by Canonical at CES in Las Vegas earlier today. The Ubuntu-powered television is planned to initially target the US and China (but will expand to other countries if Canonical can get local content deals) and is said to be available by the end of this year.

Ubuntu tv
Ubuntu TV, just like the desktop version, is built around Unity and will support movie streaming as well as live television and will allow users to view, rent, purchase and record various media, and judging from the screenshots, extra features will probably be provided by lenses.

Judging from the Ubuntu TV code which has been available for quite some time @ Launchpad, the new Canonical product will use Unity 2D (and thus Qt) and will support ARM and X86 boards.

Ubuntu tv ces 2012

Ubuntu TV will have to compete with Google and Apple, however, Ubuntu TV will be offered free of charge and that's not the only advantage Ubuntu has - according to Jane Silber, Canonical's CEO, "OEMs and ODMs are increasingly wary of the walled garden [approach] that certainly Apple takes - and increasingly Google, although it's much more open than Apple". "We see a lot of demand for a neutral player."

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