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SMPlayer is a popular front-end for MPlayer and can play videos, DVDs and VCDs, featuring configurable subtitles, audio track switching, video equalizer, filters, playlist, audio and subtitles delay adjustment and much more.

After almost 2 years, a new SMPlayer version has been released: 0.6.10. The new version only brings some minor new features like:
  • New vdpau configuration dialog
  • New menu to select the closed caption channel (requires mplayer >= r32607)
  • Possibility to select the seeking method (absolute or relative)
  • Possibility to sort the items of the playlist
  • Port for eCS, OS/2

SMPlayer could already use VDPAU (VDPAU allows video programs to offload portions of the video decoding process and video post-processing to the GPU video-hardware - Nvidia graphics cards only), but the new VDPAU configuration dialog lets you select the vdpau codecs to use:

smplayer 0.6.10

Install SMPlayer 0.6.10 in Ubuntu

If you use Ubuntu (Precise, Oneiric, Natty, Maverick, Lucid) and want to install the latest SMPlayer 0.6.10, you can do it by using the SMPlayer official PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install smplayer

Extra tip: for a newer mplayer you can use the MOTU Media Mplayer PPA.

For other Linux distributions and Windows, see the SMPlayer download page.