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oxygen font

After Ubuntu and GNOME, KDE will get its own font too: Oxygen.

Oxygen font family is already available for testing (currently in alpha!) and comes with regular, bold and monospace variants, however, only the basic character shapes are done for now and the font is currently using the basic 'auto spacing' from FontForge.

oxygen font family

Oxygen Font is released under the Open Font License (OFL) and is designed to be used as a desktop/gui font. According to a recent blog post by NewTypography, "because of the way Oxygen has been constructed closely with the Freetype's gridfitting and also autohinted with Werner Lemberg's 'ttfautohint' the font's appearance does not vary as much under different screen render settings".

For more info on Oxygen font family and to follow its development, check out http://code.newtypography.co.uk/

Oxygen Font is available for download @ projects.kde.org. You can get it using the following command (install GIT firstly):
git clone http://anongit.kde.org/oxygen-fonts