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pyLoad is a lightweight, cross-platform download manager for one-click file hosting websites such as RapidShare, MegaUpload and many others as well simple http/ftp links.

Among its most important features are captcha recognition, automatic archive extraction and reconnect (useful for most file sharing websites: pyLoad disconnects your Internet connection and then reconnects so you get a new IP so you can continue downloading, bypassing limits imposed by various websites).

pyLoad comes with a web interface, command line interface, a Qt GUI, an Android client and is even available for routers. The GUI is not yet stable, so I recommend using the web or command line clients for now.

pyload GUI
pyLoad Qt GUI
pyload download managerweb interface
pyLoad web interface

pyLoad is a great alternative for jDownloader (which is probably the best feature-wise, but uses a LOT of system resources) and it supports downloading from one-click hosters such as: Rapidshare.com, Netload.in, Uploaded.to, Hotfile.com, Fileserv.com, DepositFiles, Filesonic, yourfiles.to, 4shared.com, Youtube, Myvideo and more.

Here are some more pyLoad screenshots:

pyLoad - accounts

pyLoad settings
pyLoad Android UI

Configure pyLoad

Once installed, launch pyLoad Download Manager (not pyLoad GUI) - the first time you run it you'll have to configure it:

Here' you'll be asked to select the language, enter a new username and password, enable/disable remote access, set the downloads folder and more. To use the default value, simply hit ENTER for each config option. For the downloads folder, don't select the default value or else it will be set to ~/.pyload/Downloads, so instead, enter something like /home/YOURUSERNAME/Downloads.

When you're done with the configuration, run pyLoad Download Manager and open the web interface: http://localhost:8000 (unless you've changed the address/port). You can also run pyLoad GUI from the menu, but like I was telling you above, the GUI is not yet stable and there are some missing features.

If later on you want to change the password, run: "pyLoadCore -u" (if pyLoad has been installed; if you're running it from its folder, use "python pyLoadCore.py -u" instead.

To see the commands available for the command line client, run: "pyLoadCli -c" (or "python pyLoadCli.py -c" if you're running pyLoad from its own folder).

If you want to start the first time configuration process again, run "pyLoadCore -s" (or "python pyLoadCore.py -s").

Download pyLoad

Download pyLoad - files available for Ubuntu / Debian, ArchLinux, router or NAS with IPKG installed, Android or Windows as well as source files.

via LFFL.org (thanks!)