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WebUpd8 reader Nanley Chery has submitted a very interesting proposal for labeled / tagged workspaces to the GNOME Shell mailing list.

He says that the current dynamic workspaces in GNOME Shell work great in general, but not when the user wants to use each workspace for a different activity. This could be solved by using using labeled workspaces: the user would be able to recognize the purpose of each workspace a lot faster.

Here's how the labeled workspaces would work:
  • even when closing all the applications on a workspace, the workspace would still exist after a reboot
  • labeled workspaces can be moved around relative to each other

Dynamic workspaces would still exist and they would be displayed under the labeled workspaces. Also, you would be able to easily convert a labeled workspace to a dynamic workspace by simply adding/deleting its label.

More info: Improving Workspaces in GNOME Shell and Labeled Workspace Improvements. This is not an official mockup!

What do you think?