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In an Ubuntu-Desktop mailing list message, Jason Warner (Ubuntu Desktop Manager) has confirmed that Rhythmbox will be the default music player in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, replacing Banshee:

Thank you all for sending feedback on the default music player for 12.04. It is clear the right decision for 12.04 is to make Rhythmbox the default music player. Thank you, above all else, for keeping the conversation cordial and making the decision about what is best for Ubuntu.

As a reminder, among the reasons behind this decision are: stability, startup speed, cd space, GTK2/GTK3 and arm support - for more info, see: this and this.

See the whole thread here.

Update: the Default Apps Discussion blueprint has been updated a few seconds ago and it points out that even though Ubuntu 12.04 will switch to Rhythmbox starting with alpha 1, the Banshee GTK3 port and stability on ARM will be reviewed around Precise beta 1 and it will then be discussed if Ubuntu Precise will stay with Rhythmbox or switch back to Banshee.

But there's something even more interesting regarding the default application selection in Ubuntu 12.04: the Default Apps Discussion blueprint has been updated a few minutes ago by the same Jason Warner and it mentions that Jupiter Applet might also be included by default as a way to solve power issues:

I would also like to get Jupiter applet in by default. Jupiter uses a systray whitelist. We can use that, create an indicator or possibly a system settings. We'll need to work with design on how best to get this in for Precise.

The weird part is that the blueprint also says that Tomboy and Gbrainy will be removed along with Banshee, so if Jupiter itself will be used (and they won't just use some Jupiter features integrated into the System Settings), Ubuntu 12.04 won't be mono-free, since Jupiter uses Mono (and it would be the only app that uses Mono on the CD). Sure, the blueprint doesn't indicate that Jupiter will definitely be included by default in Precise, but the blueprint update still seems a bit awkward (only from the CD space point of view, Jupiter is an amazing application). But then again, maybe Jason somehow isn't aware of the fact that Jupiter uses Mono.


For those not familiar with Jupiter, this is an applet designed for netbooks and laptops that you can use to switch between maximum and high performance and power saving mode, change the screem resolution and orientation, enable or disable the bluetooth, touchpad, WiFi and so on. It also provides Asus EeeePC SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) support.

Many have reported battery life improvements while using Jupiter, here's an example (read the whole thread).

In the same blueprint, it was also confirmed that FreeRDP and Remmina will replace rdesktop and vinagre in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

What do you think about these changes?

Rhythmbox news via Ubuntu Dicas.