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Unity mockup

Unity has improved a lot recently, but there's always room for improvement. For instance, Dash seems a bit crowded so WebUpd8 reader Frederico Araújo Mendes has created an interesting Unity mockup in which he tries to simplify Dash:

Among Frederico's ideas:
  • A new design with bigger icons
  • Reduce the number of applications that show up in Dash by hiding technical items. These should only show up in System Settings.
  • The installed applications list should be displayed under categories, like in GNOME Shell
  • Applications lens: do not display empty categories
  • Display "Apps available for download" only when the user performs a search that doesn't return any results
  • Files lens should display mounted devices and allow you to connect to a server, etc.

And my favourite (this isn't in the video): the music lens should be able to play music without the need of external applications:

Music lens

Frederico has posted these ideas and more here: http://unitymockup.blogspot.com/2011/03/unity.html - he used Google Translate (he's from Brazil) so his ideas are a bit difficult to understand though.

What do you think?