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Sparkleshare is an open source tool to synchronize your files in the cloud that supports GitHub, Gitorious or your own private GIT server.

SparkleShare finally got an Android application that allows you to connect to your SparkleShare server. For now, the application can only be used to browsing/downloading files:

SparkleShare Android


To be able to connect SparkleShare for Android with your SparkleShare server, you need to set up SparkleShare Dashboard, a web interface for SparkleShare. Instructions on getting SparkleShare Dashboard to run can be found HERE.

Note for Ubuntu users: SparkleShare Dashboard requires nodejs >= 4 so if you use an Ubuntu version older than Oneiric, use THIS PPA to install nodejs.

Once you've installed SparkleShare Dashboard, linking your device is very easy and all you must do is scan a QR code generated by SparkleShare Dashboard.

Download SparkleShare for Android (Market link) | SparkleShare homepage