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Pinguy OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that comes with many popular applications, tweaks and other customizations by default.

Pinguy OS 11.10 will come with two editions: a GNOME Shell edition as well as a GNOME 2.3x edition (either using the old GNOME 2 or using Mate, a GNOME 2.3x fork). The release date is not yet known, but it's usually a month after the Ubuntu release (though considering there will be 2 editions this time, it might take longer).

Pinguy has posted some Pinguy OS 11.10 GNOME Shell edition screenshots on the official blog and it looks great so far! Judging from the screenshots, it seems like Pinguy OS 11.10 GNOME Shell edition will continue to use some of its old features: Docky or Conky by default, but also integrate some of the best GNOME Shell extensions: from the Music extension to System Monitor, GPaste, and so on.

Further more, Pinguy OS GNOME Shell edition will use a new menu: Cardapio (instead of Linux Mint menu) which as you probably know, is now available as a GNOME Shell extension:

Pinguy OS 11.10

(the screenshot is a bit broken)

Also, it looks like the GNOME Shell Global Menu extension will be integrated by default too:

Pinguy OS

As for the default theme, it seems Pinguy OS 11.10 GNOME Shell edition will use Zukitwo Resonance by default (see screenshot above) and Zukitwo GNOME Shell theme.

And finally, the notification area has been moved to the top bar and the clock is on the right:

Pinguy OS 11.10 gnome shell edition

Pinguy also mentions that this is just the beginning and there is still a lot of work to be done. But even at this stage, it looks simply great.

What do you think?