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NTM Network Traffic Monitor

NTM (Network Traffic Monitor) is an application to use on computers with a limited Internet plan. It can display a complete report for received and transmitted network traffic and automatically disconnect after a certain period of time or after the traffic exceeds the value you set (MB).

The latest Network Traffic Monitor (1.2.5) comes with an Ubuntu indicator, but works just fine under GNOME Shell or XFCE too. Currently there's a small issue with the tray icon in KDE but this should be fixed soon.

By default, NTM will use the "ppp0" network interface which is ok for a modem but if you want it to track your wireless traffic, use "wlan0" instead.

The live traffic info is displayed in a separate window and not in the indicator and that's a bit annoying, but this tiny application gets the job done. One note though: if you switch from a limited data plan to unlimited, remember to switch NTM off and to disable it from starting automatically because it will disconnect your Internet connection when it reaches the threshold without asking for confirmation.

Download NTM (Network Traffic Monitor) (.deb and source files available)