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GNOME Shell Extensions 3.2

A quick update for those of you who are using the official GNOME Shell Extensions 3.2 from the WebUpd8 GNOME 3 PPA: I've added 3 patches to the package:
  • a patch that fixes the dock extension (previously, the dock extension didn't show up in GNOME Shell 3.2)
  • a patch that fixes the dock right click menu
  • a work-around for the Alternative Status Menu extension crashing GNOME Shell 3.2 on login when the user doesn't have a profile picture set. This patch adds a delay which activates the extension 9 seconds after logging in.

Regarding the latest patch: if GNOME Shell still crashes on login if you activate this extension, you can try to edit /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/alternative-status-menu@gnome-shell-extensions.gnome.org/extension.js and change the "imports.mainloop.timeout_add" value from 9000 (9 seconds) to a higher value. If it still doesn't work, set a profile picture or don't enable this extension. Though in my tests the patch fixes this.

For installation instructions, see our previous post: Official GNOME Shell Extensions Available In The WebUpd8 GNOME 3 PPA For Ubuntu 11.10 (I've updated the post with instructions on how to customize the Dock extension).

Patches by Vasily Khoruzhick - Dock and Vaxolotl @ ArchLinux forums - the Alternative Status Menu work-around. Thanks to Daniel Miranda for the Dock tip!