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Glippy is a clipboard manager for GNOME that comes with some cool features: it can upload text to pastebin.com or images to imgur.com, execute actions on the current clipboard content and more. You can even quickly access the clipboard history without using the indicator / tray icon by using CTRL + ALT + Shift + C (this keyboard shortcut is configurable).

The latest Glippy 0.5 has been released a few days ago and comes with:
  • support for rich, formatted text
  • file support (so you can copy a file in Nautilus, then copy something else and restore the file copy later on)
  • redesigned preferences
  • experimental screenshots support: you can take a screenshot and store it in the clipboard so you can paste it in some image editor or directly upload it to imgur
  • more

Glippy works with both Unity (comes with Ubuntu Indicator) and GNOME Shell. Tip: move it to the top GNOME Shell bar using Iconmanager extension.

To install Glippy in Ubuntu, use the commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bikooo/glippy
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remove glippy-indicator
sudo apt-get install glippy glippy-ubuntu-mono