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Neembu Uploader

Neembuu Uploader is a cross-platform tool to easily upload files to multiple file sharing websites in the same time. It supports drag and drop and you can choose to upload files either anonymously or using an account (for websites that support it).

The latest Neembuu Uploader v2.3, which has been released a few days ago, adds 6 new hosts so there's now a total of 12 supported file sharing websites: DepositFiles, MediaFire, MegaUpload, FileFactory, Easy-share, FileSonic, FileDropper, HotFile, UploadMB, FileDude, iFile and Wupload.

Also, a feature I was requesting in our previous Neembuu Uploader post has been added in the latest version: you can now copy multiple URLs. To do this, select all the files in the upload queue, right click and select "Copy download URLs". You can also export them to an HTML file, open the links in a browser or copy the delete URLs.

Running Neembuu Uploader in Linux

To be able to run Neembuu Uploader in Linux, firstly make sure Java is installed on your system. Then download Neembuu Uploader, extract it, right click the "NeembuuUploader.jar" file and select "Properties" - then, on the "Permissions" tab check the "Allow executing file as program" box.

Now right click the file again and select "Open With Sun Java Runtime" or "Open With OpenJDK Java Runtime" to run it.

Download Neembuu Uploader

Thanks to Vigneshwaran for the tip!