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Here's a list of what to expect in GNOME Shell 3.2 (to be released on September 28), according to Allan Day, one of the main GNOME Shell developers:

- Notification counters:

GNOME Shell 3.2 notification counters

- A new look for the window picker decorations:

New GNOME Shell 3.2 window picker decorations

What I wonder is: why only for the window picker? It it looks good, it should really be used in Adwaita (the default GNOME 3 theme). But maybe you like Adwaita the way it currently looks - I for one would like to see some more polish for a default theme.

- A revamped login screen theme. Finally!

GNOME Shell 3.2 login screen

There is now actual code for the new login screen - check out the following video recorded by Ray Strode (who is implementing the new login screen):

(Video only available in HTML5!)

- Integrated contacts search:

GNOME Shell 3.2 integrated contacts search
(this is a mockup)

This is an expected step after the release of GNOME Contacts. But one feature would make this so much better: Zeitgeist integration, so the contacts could be sorted by most contacted, recently contacted, etc.

- "Do not disturb" mode:

Do not disturb GNOME Shell

A "Do not disturb" mode was also proposed for the unified Ubuntu MeMenu / Messaging Menu but it doesn't look like it will added to the new Messaging Menu so I'm really glad to see this feature in GNOME Shell.

- Hot plug notifications:

GNOME Shell hotplug notifications

- Fully integrated chat: GNOME Shell 3.2 will have fully integrated chat and you won't just be able to reply (like it's already possible), but also log in to messaging services, take calls, perform file transfers - all without opening a separate chat application.

- Persistent workspace switcher: when you have more than one workspace, you won't have to point the mouse the the right edge of the screen - the workspaces will always be visible. But the workspaces are still only displayed in the Activities overview.

Other changes we'll see in GNOME Shell 3.2:
  • integrated on-screen keyboard
  • Google Calendar integration
  • easier window resizing
  • performance improvements

What's weird is that Zeitgeist integration is not on this list so it may have been delayed. Also, according to a comment by Florian Müllner, the new GNOME Shell App Picker Relayout (which you can see in this video) has been delayed for GNOME Shell 3.4.

For more information, check out the post @ afaikblog.wordpress.com

What do you think?

Info and image credits: afaikblog