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Chars Indicator

Chars Indicator is a simple Ubuntu appindicator that serves as a replacement for the old Character Palette GNOME Panel applet. It allows you to store some special characters that aren't available on your keyboard directly and easily access them without having to use the full Character Map each time you need them.

Installation and usage

Install git-core and get the Chars Indicator code using the commands below:
sudo apt-get install git-core
git clone https://github.com/tobyS/indicator-chars.git

By default, Chars Indicator doesn't display any characters - you must create a new file called ".indicator-chars" in your home folder and paste the characters you want to show up in Chars Indicator inside this file (you can launch Character Map and copy some characters from it). Each line in this file represents a menu item in the Chars Indicator.

After you finish adding all the characters you want to the ".indicator-chars" file, save it and start Chars Indicator by using the command below:

Important: to paste a character from Chars Indicator, click the character, then middle click where you want to insert it (don't try Ctrl + V - it won't work!).

If you want to add Chars Indicator to startup, search for "Startup applications" in Dash, click "Add", under name enter "Chars Indicator" and under command, enter: "/home/YOUR_USERNAME/indicator-chars/indicator-chars.py" (presuming you've downloaded it in your home folder), replacing "YOUR_USERNAME" with... your username.