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AriOS 3.0

AriOS is a really interesting Ubuntu remaster that comes with a clean design and a large default application selection, especially useful for those with poor or no Internet connectivity.

The latest AriOS 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 11.04, but it doesn't come with Unity and uses Avant Window Navigator instead: an instance running as a launcher on the left (with DockBarX as the task manager) and another AWN instance on the top right edge of the screen which tries to replicate the initial version of Wingpanel and only displays appindicators / notification area.

Also, AriOS 3.0 comes with Compiz 0.8.6 "to avoid the problems reported about the new version shipped in Natty".


AriOS 3.0 uses a modified Ambiance Evolution theme by default but if you don't like it, you can easily switch to the beautiful Bluebird, Zukitwo or Radiance Evolution themes which are installed by default.

The default fonts received special attention too and AriOS 3.0 uses Myriad Pro as the default application font.

In the latest AriOS 3.0, you can choose between 3 sessions at login: AriOS (uses Compiz 0.8.6 and AWN), AriOS-2D (uses Metacity and AWN) and GNOME Classic (uses the classic GNOME panels).

Default applications

AriOS 3.0

When you first boot AriOS, you'll notice a"Driver installer" icon on the desktop. Clicking it, you can install the drivers without an Internet connection - the .deb files are stored under /opt/restricted-drivers.

Because AriOS is designed to work out of the box for those with a poor or no Internet connection, there are a lot of default applications such as TrueCrypt, Parcellite, Synapse, Nautilus Elementary, Gloobus Preview, GIMP, Pinta, Shotwell, Simple Scan, Chromium and Firefox, Transmission, uGet, Pidgin, Geany, Brasero, Handbrake, VLC, Sound Converter, Sound Recorder, BleachBit, Deja Dup, VirtualBox, Ubuntu Tweak, Y PPA Manager, Unetbootin, Gmount ISO and more.

The latest version also comes with some new applications: Thunderbird has replaced Evolution, LibreOffice has replaced OpenOffice.org and Choqok, OpenShot, Clementine, Gnote, GShutdown, Uget, Skype, Geeqie, Super Boot Manager and Boot Repair have been added by default. You'll even find Angrybirds under the Games menu entry, which you can play offline.

And of course, codecs, flash and Java are installed by default.

The large application selection is AriOS' both strong and weak point: some might find some of these applications useless while others will definitely enjoy having everything already installed out of the box.

Just like the previous version, AriOS 3.0 comes with a lot of tweaks and fixes which I'll let you discover by yourself. I'll just tell you about one: type "fixplymouth" in a terminal window to run the script that fixes Plymouth with proprietary Nvidia/ATI drivers about which we've written a while back.

Download AriOS 3.0

AriOS 3.0 is available for both 32bit and 64bit and is available in two editions: International and Iranian.