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Workspaces Unity

There's no easy way to modify the number of workspaces in Unity - there is an option in Gconf but that's not exactly user-friendly -, so MrChrisDruif has created an Unity icon (with quicklists) to easily add or remove workspaces rows/columns.

To download and copy the required files to the right locations, copy/paste the following commands in a terminal:

wget http://webupd8.googlecode.com/files/workspaces.tar.gz
tar -xvf workspaces.tar.gz
chmod +x workspaces-shortcuts
mv workspaces.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/
sudo mv workspaces-shortcuts /usr/local/bin/

Then, open Nautilus and navigate to ~/.local/share/applications/ (".local" is a hidden directory in your home folder so press CTRL + H to see it) and drag the "Workspaces" icon to the Unity launcher.

That's it!

Unity workspaces quicklists

Credits for the script/quicklists: MrChrisDruif @ AskUbuntu.