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Pinguy OS Mini 11.04.1

Pinguy OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. The latest version - 11.04.1 is based on Ubuntu 11.04, but comes with the Classic GNOME 2.32.1 desktop instead of Unity.

Pinguy has launched Pinguy OS Mini, a stripped down version of Pinguy OS which comes with all the tweaks and fixes that are available in the main Pinguy OS 11.04.1, but without most of the applications preinstalled in Pinguy OS.

Pinguy OS Mini 11.04.1 comes with only a few applications installed by default: Mplayer, Firefox, Flash and Java so opening the browser will let you browse the web without having to tweak or install anything, as well as Gedit, GNOME Terminal, Ubuntu Software Center, Mint Menu, Docky, Conky, GNOME Do, Nautilus Elementary and Gloobus Preview which give Pinguy OS Mini the same look and feel as the main Pinguy OS.

Also, just like the updated Pinguy OS 11.04.1, Pinguy OS Mini comes with Compiz downgraded to version 0.8.6 so using it, you shouldn't be experiencing any of the bugs that occur because of Compiz in Ubuntu 11.04 (that's why it's called Pinguy 11.04.1 - the the only change in .1 is the downgraded Compiz).

All the repositories Pinguy OS comes with are also added by default in the Mini version so all the applications available in the main OS can easily be installed without too much effort from the user.

There are Pinguy OS Mini ISO files available for both 32bit and 64bit, both being under 700MB in size (despite the size reported by Sourceforge).

Download Pinguy OS Mini

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