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DoudouLinux is a Linux distribution for children, designed to be both educational and fun. It can be used from a CD/DVD or an USB stick so you don't have to install it. We've reviewed it a while back so check out that post for more info.

The first stable DoudouLinux version was released earlier this month. DoudouLinux 1.0 "Gondwana" is based on Debian Lenny and supports 15 languages, using 5 different alphabets. Here are the most important changes in DoudouLinux 1.0:
  • three new applications: Songwrite (a simple song editor and player which defaults to use fingerings and tabs instead of the musical notation), Stopmotion (animation movie creator - using this app, you can make videos from a series of photos in which the characters are slightly moved from one shot to another) and Jukebox (a small launcher that plays the music files in the user’s Music directory)
  • new startup / shutdown graphics and music
  • songs for children
  • better hardware support, especially for networking and wifi (Network Manager has replaced lxnm)

Songwrite and Stopmotion aren't exactly for young children, but there are quite a few applications for children of any age, like: Tux Paint, Piano Keyboard, Childsplay and lots more.




DoudouLinux 1.0 is the last release based on Debian Lenny and the next version will use Debian Squeeze as a base and will be ported to the ARM platform.

Download DoudouLinux