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Conky Lunatico Rings is a really nice Conky configuration based on Conky Orange which displays rings for the CPU, memory, disk and network usage, in the form of gauges.

You can download Conky Lunatico Rings from HERE.

Because there were some spacing issues on my system, I've tweaked the configuration a bit so it looks like this:

Conky Lunatico Rings
(Using the original configuration, it looks like this on my system)

But maybe the original Conky Lunatico Rings works better on your computer (it's most probably related to the font configuration) so try the original firstly. If you want my tweaked version, you can get it from HERE

Because the wireless ring is useless for me, I've removed it - so if you don't want the wireless part and don't know how to do it, you can download my modified Conky Lunatico Rings without wireless from HERE. Here's a screenshot with this config:

Conky Lunatico Rings

But you can of course tweak it some more by yourself, it's really not that difficult.


Firstly, install Conky. In Ubuntu, use the following command in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install conky

To use Conky Lunatico Rings, you'll need to install the Ubuntu font - this is already available on your system if you use Ubuntu 10.10+ or you can manually download it from font.ubuntu.com.

Then, download Conky Lunatico Rings (links above), extract the downloaded archive, create a folder called ".conky" in your home directory and move the "conky_lunatico.lua" and "conkyrc_lunatico" files into this folder.

And finally, run it using the following command:
conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_lunatico

To add Conky Lunatico Rings to startup, open Startup Applications, under "Name" enter "conky" and under "Command", enter this:
conky -p 50 -c /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.conky/conkyrc_lunatico

Where "YOUR_USERNAME" is yes, your username :) This will delay the Conky startup which is required for it to function properly.

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