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GNOME Shell weather extension

If the previous GNOME Shell weather extension we wrote about doesn't work for you or you just want some more info as well as an extended forecast, you can use a new GNOME Shell weather extension created by Finnbarr Murphy (you must know him by now if you're using GNOME Shell).


Firstly download the extension from HERE (it's called "weather" obviously) - make sure you download the latest version!

Once downloaded you must configure the extension so extract it, open the "extension.js" file and:

- under "const ZIPCODE" enter your US ZIP code, your city name (any city in the world - well, it might not work with all but worked with a few cities I've tested it with), Canada or UK postal code or even your IP address between single quotes. Here's an example:
const ZIPCODE = 'bucharest';

- The extension uses Metric (SI) units by default but this can be changed - look for "const MUNITS = 1;" - set it to 0 for Imperial units or leave it to 1 for Metric units. 

- And finally, you must get your free worldweatheronline.com key so head over to http://www.worldweatheronline.com, from the top menu, select: Free Weather API > Sign Up, create an account and you should receive an email with your free API key (you must also click the activation link in the email!). Copy this API key to the "extension.js" file, under "const WEATHERDATA_KEY" (make sure you add it between single quotes) so that it looks like this:

Then save the file, move the "weather@fpmurphy.com" folder to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ directory and restart GNOME Shell (press ALT + F2 and enter "r").

I've tested the extension using GNOME Shell from GIT under Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 but of course, that doesn't mean it will definitely work for you too (because unfortunately some GNOME Shell extensions are incompatible with other extensions).