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YaRock is a very simple music player for Linux written in Qt (it doesn't install KDE libraries so it can be used under GNOME without KDE services, unlike Amarok for instance) that doesn't have many features for now, but what's very cool about it is the multiple views: album, artist, track, genre, year view or folder view. Every part of the UI is very well though which makes YaRock a pleasure to use.

A quick reminder of the most important YaRock features: multiple views, Icecast/Shoutcast radios, automatic cover art fetching, and more. For more info on YaRock, see our previous posts.

There have been many changes in YaRock since we last wrote about it: for instance the menu is now hidden and you can access it by clicking a button, there's a button to easily hide the playlist or sidebar and more. Here's the changelog for the latest YaRock 0.0.47:
  • New history view (last played track & stream)
  • New add a view to sort album by date
  • New add providers for lyrics download
  • New lyrics can be saved to & retrieve from local file
  • New multiple database support
  • New add visual icon for broken media item or stream
  • New audio equalizer
  • New simple application minimal mode widget
  • Changes : improve algorithm to sort album by genre
  • Changes : code refactoring for internal data management
  • Changes : code refactoring & optimisation
  • GUI add right clic menu on main menu
  • GUI change time tracking slider
  • GUI simplify & clean GUI, icon, hidden menuBar
  • GUI change playlist image into browser
  • GUI add splitter collapser
  • GUI add visual item selection
  • GUI change icon set, rewrite menu
  • GUI change custom splitter handle
  • Bugfixes : various bug fix

Download YaRock 0.0.47:

Thanks to Lffl.org for the .debs!