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I got a request to make a Slingshot video so I though I'd make one featuring some more Elementary apps which are currently under development like Plank (Docky re-written in Vala - this is a project of the Docky team and not the elementary team), Wingpanel, Beatbox (music player) and of course, Slingshot launcher.

So here is the video:

In the above video you'll also notice an updated Elementary theme which works with GTK3 too (but there's still a lot to do for the GTK3 version - the menus for instance look broken for now). I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 with GNOME 2, however Marlin is using the GTK 3 Elementary theme.

Remember, these are all under development so they are not stable nor feature complete! Read Cassidy James' comment for more info (and some insights on what will change).

Installation: Slingshot (package name: slingshot-launcher) is available in the same PPA as Wingpanel and Marlin: Elementary Dev, while Beatbox and Plank have their own PPAs: Beatbox PPA, Plank PPA.