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Firstly, sorry about the lack of updates these days, I'm currently in Budapest at the Ubuntu Developer Summit and I had some issues with my netbook. Then I got stuck in traffic and well, today wasn't a good day for science :)

The Ubuntu Developer Summit has started today and some very interesting discussions have already taken place:
  • Unity 2D will switch from Metacity to Compiz (Compiz can run on different backends, including non accelerated ones). Also, the classic Gnome desktop will be removed from the CD but we already knew that. Session details
  • The default browser session was canceled so Firefox will remain default in 11.10. Not a big surprise really.
  • The Deja Dup session also took place today but from what I've understood, the Deja Dup inclusion by default is still under discussion. You can read the meeting notes here.

Up next: Default e-mail client session. Update: this was rescheduled for tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll get my netbook working and bring you some more news soon.

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