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Pinguy OS 11.04 beta

Pinguy OS is a Linux distribution (or remaster - call it what you want) based on Ubuntu. The latest Pinguy OS 11.04 is based on Ubuntu 11.04 obviously, but it doesn't come with Unity and instead it uses the classic GNOME session as default. Pinguy OS comes with a lot of applications and customizations by default, this making it very easy to use by anyone.

Pinguy OS 11.04 beta was released yesterday, bringing some more stability compared to the alpha which was released about one month ago. Other than this, there aren't many changes in Pinguy OS 11.04 beta compared to the alpha.

Just like in the alpha, Compiz is not enabled by default but you can go to Startup Applications and enable Compiz from there.

One change that's worth mentioning is that ConnMan has been removed in Pinguy OS 11.04 beta, being replaced with GNOME Network Manager. This was required because ConnMan still misses some features such as connecting to hidden networks.

For more info on Pinguy OS 11.04, see our alpha post. Also see the Pinguy OS 11.04 beta release announcement.

Download Pinguy OS 11.04 beta (available for both 32bit and 64bit)